Padmasani ma'am

Last night I started reading the blog of Padmasani Ma'am. Anyone who has a remote interest/knowledge in Indian classical music forms will testify to, what a genius she is after reading her posts. More than anything else, her compassion for humanity and true desire to spread and pass on the wealth of musical knowledge that she has is clear in every posting. Her observations and explanations are invaluable and I for one am glad that I got the opportunity to read her blog. It was by fortunate accident that I bumped into her site. This is the link to her posts:

Jillinnu Oru Kaathal

Thank God Gautham's day out with Aishu was Kundhavi's nightmare...I was getting angrier by the minute as I watched Gautham slowly swaying towards Aishu....I know the guy was crazy about her and they both get ripped apart and all...but after 6 years of a blissful life with the innocent Kundhavi if he had let his emotions run wild at the first sight of Aishu, I would not have forgiven him. Understood him yes - but not forgiven him. For then he would have been just another guy - not a hero - not someone whose life and love is worthy of a movie.