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Last night I started reading the blog of Padmasani Ma'am. Anyone who has a remote interest/knowledge in Indian classical music forms will testify to, what a genius she is after reading her posts. More than anything else, her compassion for humanity and true desire to spread and pass on the wealth of musical knowledge that she has is clear in every posting. Her observations and explanations are invaluable and I for one am glad that I got the opportunity to read her blog. It was by fortunate accident that I bumped into her site. This is the link to her posts:


Karuna said...

Not interested in this blog as i dont hav much classical music knowledge.. Not the page for me :( when i was going thro the blog i jus found a Q. I do have the same question in my mind..

Why HM is not popular in chennai? I always feel that HM has more scope for improvisation compared to carnatic because of its structure. When there are great rasikas who encourage CM, why are they not encouraging HM?

can you explain..

anitha shalini said...

Hi Karuna,
First of all thanks for being the first person to comment on my blogs. That question was answered in depth by Padmasani ma'am. However, in my own simplified way I would interpret and boil it down to these two points :
1)Carnatic music is something the people of the south have grown with and more exposed to, with the splitting of Indian music, the South has adhered to conservative rules and mostly Bhakthi rasam (singing in praise of God) where as HM has evolved by bending and stretching the rules keeping listening pleasure as the primary focus. It has now become an aquired taste for the South. Fortunately it looks like our A. R. Rehman sir is gently forcing us to take a closer look at HM and slowly getting us to savour the flavors of HM. This and several other reasons are slowly contributing to the appreciation of HM in the South too.

The second reason is actually a derivative of the as a result of the drift and the language barrier the accomplished and enlightened teachers of HM are all pooled in North India and they have to take trips to the South to teach the few who are Ma'am said there are very very few HM gurus who have settled in South India. The banning of Hindi in Tamilnadu, did not help either.

Hopefully great minds in music will work together to bring back one single Indian Music.

I am not posting this as a seperate blog because none of this my original contribution. I have only put in diferent words, what I gathered from reading "Know your roots" The credt goes to padmasani ma'am.

Karuna said...

Thanks anitha. nice reply. keep go.

Padmasani said...
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