Pursuit of Happiness

Once again it's a movie that has stirred my spirit and has urged me to write despite my bogged schedule. I hardly know what day of th month and what day of the week it is anymore. I was caught by surprize at the "Happy Pongal" email sent by Anbuvel and Nirmal, my college time friends. Well coming to the matter at hand - pursuit of happiness - quite an experience, I should say, especially for someone like me who is forever plagued by the fear of may be never ever reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. By now I have many times that in life it is better to go with the flow rather than trying to get things to go according to a premeditated and structured plan. Well, for me so far things have been going according to plan although I am way behind schedule in almost everything - be it finishing my planned level of education, finding the right guy and getting married - I have no complaints except that everything has taken more time than I anticipated. The movie "Pursuit of happiness" has been on my mind ever since a priest paraphrased a dialogue from it during the Christmas midnight service we attended. It was a time of deep depression and a sickening fear about some new changes in my life. I will prematurely finish this article since I wrote this a while back and now I am not sure where my thoughts were flowing to at the time I wrote this. It will suffice to say the movie played a major part in my rethinking my approach to spirituality and God and life itself. It gave me hope at a time of despair and fear. And most importantly, it told me that Life is mostly fair.

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