Rise in Love

Do you remember how it felt to fall in love? Those early days when your heart skips a beat whenever you saw, heard or even thought of your special someone? When you feel a delicious tingle travel up your spine and work its way all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes...when you feel gravity some how has less of a pull on you; When you feel warm and fuzzy inside and like no problem in the world is insurmountable when it feels this heavenly; When the butterflies inside you flutter about in that sweet way that the happiness is almost cloying at times...You catch yourself tearing up for no reason - well not exactly for no reason - Love, of course is the reason. Do you remember when you couldn't focus on anything, anything at all but your insecure, selfish, pocessive, all consuming love for this someone? If you do, you are probably someone just like me, someone who constantly combats the control your emotions have over you. Well not only do I remember it, I re-live it everytime I listen to some very special music. Every so often, a song comes along that I repeat over and over on my playlist, until the my ears tire of those notes. I feel incredibly lucky that my mind and phyche are so receptive to such music. Because the feelings such songs bring about, defy description. The closest analogy is the one I described above. Right now the song on 'infite repeat' is Kayya Pudi from Myna...this song refuses to let go of its hold on me. Just don't care that it's "inspired" from 'Take my hand' from "The highschool musical". I am falling in love all over again...Music is beyond Divine. This song may not be the one that stirs you. But I bet there is some number that has made you forget where you are for just a moment at the least. It's truly amazing to let the right hemisphere of your brain take over - to let go of all sanity and logic - and to let that tear roll off. Music and passion are probably perceived by areas very close to each other in the brain. Was it Kahlil Gibran who said 'I rise in Love'? Divine. Pure. Music.

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